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We were asked to hold their annual summer social for a charity called The Food Chain to help raise funds. Little did we know one of the patrons would be Jay Rayner. Naturally we were very nervous but

​Jay Rayner samples The Hampstead Kitchen food

It's not every day London top food critic get to try our food. We had no idea when we were supporting the charity he was the patron along with Allegra McEvedy along with Jack Monroe.

All 3 came in the kitchen to lend a hand, it was also very sweet when they realized I was also fasting and mentioned that in the thank you speech and I think people were surprised i had made all this food without even trying it.

It was an experience I won’t forget along with raising over £6k for the charity it was truly a treat to have Jay try our food and enjoying it, so much so that he came back for seconds. It made out day when he tweeted about this the next day too.

Jay Raynor tucking in.


This is the lovely blog written by The Food Chain guys about the evening.

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